Artificial Turf and putting Green

Artificial Turf

Living in Michigan, where green lawns are common, so why consider artificial turf?

Artificial grass comes with a higher price tag, being five to six times more expensive than Kentucky bluegrass, and demands more labor for installation.

One might wonder: Why invest in it?

The answer lies in the suburbs encircling Detroit, like Royal Oak, Ferndale, Pleasant Ridge, Grosse Pointe, Birmingham MI, and specific parts of Detroit itself. In these areas, where mature trees flourish, nurturing regular grass can feel as daunting as scaling Mount Everest.

Benefits of Installing Artificial Turf

On regular basis, we meet customers who face challenges trying to grow grass in their yard. Whether it’s because of shade or rambunctious pets, growing grass can feel like a never-ending battle. Artificial turf costs more and takes time to install, but it might be your top choice for fixing shade and pet issues. Here are some ways artificial turf beats regular grass in Michigan.
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Artificial Turf Installation Process

Installing artificial turf is quite a process, similar to laying a patio. Initially, we prepare the ground by excavating it about 5-6 inches deep, ensuring it’s free of rocks, sticks, or debris. For areas intended for pet use, we incorporate a limestone-heavy base to maintain a cleaner, odor-free environment and enhance overall turf performance.

Following the ground preparation, we install a second base to level the ground and ensure proper slope and alignment for the turf installation. All base material is compacted every few inches to confirm everything is stable and stationary

Next comes the exciting part: laying the turf! We roll out the artificial turf like a large carpet, ensuring it fits the area perfectly and trimming any excess edges. Once positioned, the turf is secured using special nails or adhesive to prevent shifting or bunching.

To enhance the turf’s realism and feel, we apply infill on top. Typically composed of sand or rubber crumbs, this infill supports the turf fibers and provides a soft surface underfoot.

Finally, we use a specialized brush to fluff up the turf, ensuring the fibers stand upright and giving the turf a natural, freshly-cut grass appearance. By following these steps, we create a durable, visually appealing artificial turf surface suitable for various applications, from residential lawns to sports fields.

Escape the hassle of lawn care and embrace the beauty of effortless greenery with our top-quality artificial turf and putting greens.

Putting Greens

Step onto the green and feel the luxury of precision beneath your feet.

Our indoor putting greens and backyard putting greens are meticulously crafted using only the finest Bentgrass varieties, including the renowned “Creeping Bentgrass.”

Bentgrass is popular among professionals for its fine texture, dense growth, and exceptional resilience. Its ability to withstand low mowing heights make it unique and ideal for creating a smooth and consistent surface tailored for putting and golf play.

Tour Pro Putting Greens Grass

Tour Pro is what the Pros use.

Bentgrass’s resilience to foot traffic and frequent mowing makes it well-suited for the high-traffic demands of putting greens on golf courses.

We substitute Bent Grass for our Tour Pro Putting Green Grass, specifically designed to give you the most realistic roll of your putts and allows you to elevate your golf game in the comfort of your own backyard. With the fresh colors of Emerald and Field green, your personal putting green will naturally stand out. 


Putting Greens Installation Process

The process of installing the Putting green is similar to installing the artificial turf.

The greens are best suited for areas around a pool, shaded spaces, or in general any space you deem fit, A typical green is anywhere from 300 sq feet ~ 450 sq feet.

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Artificial Turf

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