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At Grow Earth, we create outdoor spaces that capture the essence of Michigan's natural environment.

Stone work serves as the cornerstone of landscaping, unifying outdoor spaces effortlessly. Imagine wandering through a Japanese Garden: vibrant flowering plants, steadfast evergreens, and meandering moss dance in harmony alongside strategically positioned stones, creating a serene symphony of nature.

Paver Stones are seamlessly woven into the landscape, from walls to water features, crafting a serene and picturesque setting, especially enchanting in spring. Inspired by these gardens, we aim to mirror Michigan’s natural beauty in our outdoor spaces.

Decades of Expertise: Crafting Outdoor Perfection

We consider ourselves fortunate to collaborate with top craftsmen in the industry. From crafting natural stone walls with precision using excavators to hand-installing every stone, brick, or block, our crews bring over 40 years of expertise and confidence to every project. 

In every hardscape project, we begin with a vision. Take a glimpse into our landscape drawing, expertly crafted by Landscape Architect Robert Marzolf, where plant harmonies come to life.


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Patio Installation Process

Ready to add some flair to your yard with a new patio but unsure where to begin? Let us be your guide. We’ll help you choose the perfect brick color and style, determine the ideal shape and size for your patio, and even incorporate features like fire pits or stylish walls and pillars. It’s all about bringing your vision to life, and we’re here to make it happen.

Preparation Phase: Once you’ve made your decisions and we’ve scheduled your project, we swing into action. In the days prior to our arrival, we meticulously organize the job site, staging materials and machinery as needed.

Building the Base: Communication is key — we keep you updated every step of the way to ensure transparency and avoid any unexpected surprises. Our objective is clear: to complete your project swiftly and efficiently without compromising on quality. The sooner we finish, the sooner you can enjoy your newly installed outdoor space.

Constructing the Foundation: As we embark on your project, our professionals are here to address any queries you may have. Our initial step involves excavating 8 to 9 inches of soil to establish a robust foundation for your patio. Depending on project specifications, we may adjust this depth accordingly. Subsequently, we meticulously fill this excavation with 21AA crushed concrete, creating a solid and durable base to support your new outdoor space.

Leveling and Smoothing: With the crushed concrete compacted, our next crucial step is to introduce slag sand, meticulously crafting a smooth and even surface. This step is essential as it ensures proper drainage, preventing water from pooling on your patio or flowing towards the house during rainfall. Before laying a single brick, our foreman meticulously ensures that the surface is graded towards the yard, maintaining both proper drainage and a seamlessly flat surface.

Brick Installation Process: Now that the foundation is set, we can dive into the exciting phase of brick installation. This is where any lingering doubts fade away as your vision takes shape before your eyes, brick by brick. The closer we get to finishing, the more excited you become to see the finished product. After the brick is placed we will add concrete around the edge of your patio to ensure that none of those border bricks move out of place, and lastly we will sweep polymeric sand in between the bricks so there are no gaps.

Enjoy the Patio: Upon completion of the patio installation, our team ensures the entire job site is thoroughly cleaned. Any remaining concerns you may have are promptly addressed, reflecting the trust and confidence you’ve placed in us. All that’s left for you is to bask in the skillful craftsmanship of our experts.

Just as a Japanese garden is a testament to nature's beauty, paver patios and walkways elevate both functionality and style in a home. Picture the joy of a family barbecue on your backyard patio or the elegance of a well-designed walkway leading to your front door — these elements truly make your property stand out.

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